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Our Introduction to New Zealand

The how to, what and why guide to New Zealand

Welcome to our favourite country, New Zealand. The most sought after destination, New Zealand comes with very high expectations. Ok we are biased, but we completely love it.

The first thing you need when planning your holiday to the land of the Kiwi is good, honest and knowledgeable advice. You need to speak to someone who has been there, stayed in the hotels and lodges and trodden the paths. At New Zealand Sky we live and breathe New Zealand, our dedicated NZ staff offer unrivalled knowledge of the destination and we look forward to help you plan your NZ holiday.

Insights from Chris, our New Zealand Programme Director

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When is the best time to go?

Remember that in the Southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite to ours, optimising as a great getaway in our colder winter months. Whilst New Zealand is an all year round destination the optimum months to travel there are between October and May. The busiest months being November - March. We would recommend any of these months but for a bit more peace and tranquillity October and April/May can be fabulous. Be sure to book early with us if you are wanting the peak months, as NZ can get busy and our favourite places to stay, can get full. New Zealand is best experienced with good planning, which we can help you with.

Why New Zealand?

Everyone loves New Zealand, its people, its stunning scenery, its quirkiness in parts, its empty roads, vast towering mountains, aqua blue rivers and lakes. It really has all the ingredients for the perfect adventure.

There is no other country, where, in a relatively small space, you can see and do so much, offering a variety to rival anywhere. There are so many options to choose and we are here to help you finetune those options to ensure that you aren’t just rushing through places but seeing the detail and making the most of each stop point.

We want you to take your time, see what is around you, go for that day hike (or more), hop on a boat trip, relax with a glass of famed NZ wine and watch the world go by.

How much time do I need to take off?

One of our best pieces of advice when visiting New Zealand, is, to go for as long as you can.  Three to four weeks would be amazing and there are plenty of things you could see and do without feeling too rushed. But don’t be put off if you only have two-weeks. We have exactly the right holiday for you, equally as relaxing and we promise those spectacular views and classic New Zealand vistas, all that will be different is how many places you visit. You will still have a truly memorable trip in 14 days.

Further insights from Chris

From how long to go for and inspiration for stopovers...

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